Hi there, I’m Brainwash Rescue¬†and I’m 16 years old. Recently, I saw a video of a woman getting “triggered” over a man saying hello to her. The woman was recording the man throwing bags of trash in his truck while she was driving by. He said hello to her, which for some reason, made her start cussing at him. After she heard him say that, she got out of her car and started accusing him of sexually harassing her. She accused him of plenty of other things and said she was going to post the video to youtube.

After watching the video, I thought about all of the “triggered” people lately, and how annoying they are. If you don’t know what being triggered is, just think of every crybaby liberal and how mad and whiny they are when they don’t get their way. That’s triggered. Anyways, after the video I was thinking about not only the triggered people on social media and youtube, but also the people I knew personally. I thought about how they can criticise people as much as they want (Trump) but as soon as anyone else says anything remotely against what they believe, they rant and whine because they’re so offended.

Well, I decided to draw the picture above and post it to Facebook to show the crybabies what they look like. Political cartoons often show effigies of people to make them look bad, so I decided to do the same for the triggered, just a less extreme version. With unshaven armpits, man hating tattoos, and a BuzzFeed shirt (my least favorite youtube channel) they embody the ridiculous ideas they love so much. I gave her yellow teeth to show how much it disgusts me when they try to play the victim after causing the whole problem they have.

After I drew this picture, I decided to write this post to talk about my opinions on being triggered.

Now, before I really get into it, I want to clarify that I have nothing against gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or anyone else in the LGBTQ community itself. If people want to do stuff with the same sex or whatever, that’s up to them. It’s none of my business. In fact, I love that they’ve found who they are and they’re doing what makes them happy. I love it like Simon Cowell loves tight t-shirts. But while I’m glad they’re happy being who they are, I don’t want to hear about it. Sure, it’s fine if I’m friends with a gay man and they tell me how much they love their boyfriend. Great. I can tell them the same and that’s fine. But I don’t need the fact that someone’s gay or trans or anything else shoved in my face. I shouldn’t have to remember someone’s weird pronouns then look like a bigot if I forget because he or she (or xe or ve or any of the other millions of made up pronouns) are offended that I didn’t spend my precious time on Earth remembering their thing.

Anyways, back to triggered. While I was drawing the picture, I was looking at images of triggered liberals for references (I know, it’s about as fun as it sounds) and I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes. Sometimes while scrolling through the pictures, I would click on one and read about it or watch why the poor oppressed person was so upset. It was of course because straight white people (mostly men) hated gay, black, muslim, and other minorities and want to oppress them. After all, white people are the disease of the world and should recognise their white privilege. (I’m white, so I too should recognise it.) Most of the triggers were caused by Cultural Appropriation (done by white people), feminism (men where the bad guys here), fabricated bigotry (such as a Trump supporter pushing a muslim woman in front of a subway), and of course, Trump.

In these videos, the triggered would rant and scream and cry about how they didn’t get their way. After a few clicks, I noticed that every triggered person was just repeating the same reasons for being mad, over and over. And the reasons weren’t even very good. They screamed and ranted for the attention. Nobody actually did anything to these people, they just wanted to be angry and have people see that they were angry.

Now, I’m a teenager, I know all about wanting people to know that I’m angry. When I’m mad, I want the whole world to know. I roll my eyes, I huff and sigh, I cry and whine. But I know I can only do it so often or I would get called on it. Just like a spoiled child with bad parents, the triggered know that the more they cry, the more the media (I’m looking at you CNN) will try to sooth them and make all the other kids conform to their child or in this case, the triggered. While that’s fine and dandy in a world where everyone is nice and have no backbones, the parent needs to tell their kid to shut it or they’re gonna get called on it.

Of course just like a bad parent in real life, the media isn’t going to help anything and will probably just end up making things worse. And so the other kids either have to deal with it or find a way to make the whiny brat shut up. Either way, I’m realizing that I’m triggered myself. Triggered by the triggered. Pretty ironic.

Thanks for reading my post and have a (hopefully) triggerless day.

-Brainwash Rescue