Racism- Much Ado About Nothing

The Webster’s definition of racism is, “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”.

Hi again, Brainwash Rescue here. Today I’m going to be writing to you about one of the the most awkward topics out there…


If you look it up, you’ll get more than 112,000,000 results on google. And there’s more in other places. Racism is one of those words that everyone thinks about, but nobody wants to. Or so you’d think. And no, I’m not going to be pointing out the idiots in hate groups, because we all know that they are just hating people for no reason. I want to talk about the people that have been brainwashed into thinking that it will help them to hate – White, Black, Mexican, Chinese, etc. It doesn’t matter, because racism is racism, whatever race you are.

That takes me to my first point. Reverse racism is a real thing. I see articles and posts on Facebook all the time about how only White people can be racist, which doesn’t even make sense. When I read the articles, they all say the same thing; you can’t be racist if you’re a minority. They say that racism requires power. But that’s not true. Nowhere in the definition of racism does it say that. That’s only being said because minorities want to whine and get special treatment.

The dictionary says BELIEVE that one’s race is superior. Not that one’s race IS superior. Not that one’s race is more powerful. It has nothing to do with actually being in power, it just comes from THINKING that a certain race is better. Any race can think that.

You might argue that even if minorities can be racist, it still isn’t going to end racism. Then let me suggest a solution, it’s a quote by Morgan Freeman.

Stop talking about it.

I know, crazy. But just stay with me for a second. Just like anything, if racism isn’t talked about as much, racist people won’t be as common. Of course there’s always going to be racism. But if people didn’t advertise it so much, it wouldn’t always be on people’s minds.

Don’t believe me?

Then think of the least racist people of all, children. Until they’re two or three, children don’t even consider that certain people are better or worse because of their skin color. It has to be taught to them. I don’t agree with many ideas Liberals present, but that’s one I’ll root for. The only reason children grow to think they shouldn’t treat another group of people equally is because they’re either told they should, or they are treated poorly by that group. Sure, kids can see the difference, but they don’t inherently think of anyone as better or worse.

Since racism only comes from basically being told to be racist and people claim to hate it so much, why are people racist?

Well, that’s because they feel they can gain something from it. It might be acceptance from others, self-assurance that whatever’s wrong with them is someone else’s fault, or an excuse to treat another person badly, helping their own self-esteem.

But even with all of that, racism isn’t the thing that hurts people. It’s bigotry that does it. A lot of different kinds of prejudice falls under bigotry, from being racist towards someone, to treating them badly because of their religion. All racists that treat people differently because of their races are bigots. But not all racists are bigots. For example, a stereotype that white people having earned is not being very disciplined with their kids (this stereotypes was not true in my house though). When I have kids, people can think all day that I’m not a good mom. As long as they aren’t treating me differently because of it, or telling me I’m a bad mom, I don’t care. Now if there’s a wWhite person, or any person that’s a bad parent, I would hope they are told so.

You might be thinking, “You’re an awful person! How could you be okay with being racist?” But if you just think something and don’t act on it, are you really a bad person? Everyone has bad thoughts that they (hopefully) don’t act on. So what makes racism any different?

Well, racist thoughts, unlike other bad thoughts people have, is always sold to people as them being bigots because of the thoughts. It’s a way to control people into treating people a certain way. Sixty years ago in America, it controlled White people into being bigots and treating Black and other races people poorly. Nowadays, it controls many minorities into being bigots to each other and White people. This takes us back to the idea of minorities not being able to be racist to White people.

Since I’ve covered this and I don’t want to beat a dead horse, I’m just going to end with the fact that racism is a cycle. The more time you spend thinking about racism, the bigger of an issue it becomes, And the bigger of an issue it is, the more time you’ll spend thinking about it. Racism is not the problem. The problem is when you spend time thinking about it and contributing to it. Of course people aren’t perfect and America isn’t ideal, but if people would spend less time being angry about race, I think people would find that they would be much happier.

Well, that’s my two cents on the topic. I may write blog posts and expand on my thoughts in the future, but for now I think this pretty much sums it up for me. Thank you for reading my blog post. Now please, close that tab with an article from that brainwashing site *cough cough* Buzzfeed *sniffle sniffle* Huffington Post and enjoy your day doing something you love.

Thank you so much for reading my post and leave a comment about on what you thought of it, as I’m pretty new to the whole blogging thing. Have a good day!

-Brainwash Rescue


6 thoughts on “Racism- Much Ado About Nothing

  1. Well articulated piece! Doesn’t sounds like you’re new to blogging anyway.. You’ve said it all about racism, we must learn to think less and talk less about racism because from doing so we tend to practice it more and the children will always learn from what we say about racism. Lets’ take an instant a child was born and grew up knowing nothing about what racism is, and such child is made to understand that all humans are equal. I think with that, racism will be reduced drastically. I enjoyed every bit of the piece. Thanks!

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  2. Great piece! Racism is a major problem in our societies. We must all say no to it. Thanks for taking time to present in-depth analysis about racism. Very interesting!

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  3. I feel like true racism is hardly even an issue these days within America. It is the people who will call anything and everything racist that are keeping it alive. I have never seen issues like this in the 80’s or 90’s. It is all today and now. People just love to hear themselves speak really. I agree with you… To truly end it you need to stop talking about and you need to stop accusing people of being racist.

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  4. I always say to end a trend you have to stop talking about it and stop feeding it. Racism has become a trend and it is a nasty one. True racists are a live and well but they are masked by the large numbers of people calling people who aren’t racist, racist. This huge issue started with the killing of a black child by a Hispanic cop. They pegged him as white on top of it and deemed all white cops racists. Then the whole Black Lives Matter thing started. No. Just NO! ALL LIVES MATTER.

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  5. True racism is like religion. You are born into it and you are taught it. In this day and age it is rarely done. Yes, we all can say things that sound racist but if we would say the same thing for any other race including our own, is it really racist!? I once told my friend she was dressing like a poor person and she is black. She laughed and told me I looked like a lesbian. These two black women got so offended they threatened to actual hit me over what I said to my friend. They even called me a racist “cracker”… Yup. I was being the racist one. Right. People are so immature and take everything too dang seriously. I am 17 and know that already.

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  6. I found your post on Facebook and I agree with you completely. I am a mixed race being half white and half black. I have had to deal with being called a racist from the black side multiple times. I got bullied in school by the blacks and the whites were too afraid to be friends with me. This is before my family moved. I found that areas that are poorer have bigger issues with pulling the race card and fearing blacks than other areas. I am not sure what it is but you see a lot more stuff when your parents are each a different race. The best thing we can all do is stop looking at the outside and look on the inside of people. Some people will still suck but it will be a lot easier to get along.

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