Hi again, Brainwash Rescue here, bringing you another article in the hopes of saving those drowning in Political Stupidity. In my last post I wrote about the “triggered”, people who spend too much time and energy ranting about other people’s opinions. Well this time, I have a question on my mind that I have been pondering for awhile now. It concerns some topics that are avoided just as often as they are discussed: -race and a person’s sexuality, gender identity, and dress.

These topics are shunned and appreciated in the same amount. As a teenager, I can tell you race and gender identity are often pushed in my face. Whether from school, the internet, or even my own friends, I can assure you that I hear a lot about them. I’m not saying that adults don’t hear about it, it’s just that teenagers seem to hear even more about them because we’re still deciding what to think, and both sides of the aisle want us to join them.

But enough of that, it’s time to get back to the question on my mind, that I mentioned earlier…

Since men can dress like women and women can dress like men (and actually be the other gender), I started to wonder why a person of one gender can dress like a the opposite, but a person of a certain race or nationality can’t dress like someone in a different culture of the same gender without it being racist. If you think about it, I, a white female, have many more things in common with a woman from say, India, Japan or France. Sure, we probably wear different clothes, speak different languages, eat different foods, and may have different religions, but it doesn’t go too far past that. If the country’s women aren’t (actually) oppressed, then there’s not much I can do that they can’t. Women all over the world, deep down, want the same thing- a family (and this can be pets if that’s all they want) and a partner that can protect and provide for them (of course a woman can still have a career though).

So back to that question, why is it offensive when I wear an outfit like a female yukata (a traditional Japanese outfit) or have my hair in cornrows, and not when I dress like a person from the opposite gender?

If I dress like a woman from another culture or race, I’m being racist. But if I dress like a man of my same culture or race, it’s supported and even encouraged. What I get from that is it’s okay to completely switch your biology and embrace a gender you were made very different from, but putting on a outfit and potentially learning about what it’s like to be the same sex in a different culture is wrong. I’m not saying that putting on a costume teaches you anything, but putting on that outfit may be a pathway to learning about that culture. And instead of encouraging a person to explore it, they’re being shunned and told they’re a bad person if they do.


The world is changing all the time, progressing towards equality. And when I hear the words “cultural appropriation” I think, they don’t want me around them and I don’t deserve what they’ve got, I don’t feel equal. For example, a white person having cornrows in their hair is seen as racist and “mocking” black people. This has been argued and a lot of people have pointed out that Beyonce can dye her hair blonde and straighten it. Some people defend it by claiming that she’s assimilating, then the people that pointed it out start to argue with the defenders. And so not only does it not make sense for cultural appropriation to even exist, but it’s actually dangerous. Look up an argument about the Beyonce hair situation, and you’ll see just how fired up people get about something so trivial as how a person styles their hair.

Because of situations like this, and the pressure to avoid other “offensive situations”, people are feeling resentment towards other races. Now, this isn’t a new idea of course, but in a situation where nobody is actually being harmed, and people are just feeling offended by something someone is isn’t even aware of, there’s an even bigger rift being created between different races and ethnicities. The people feeling offended are mad at the people offending. And the people doing the offending feel annoyed with the offender, or feel like they aren’t wanted by that group. The anger from this can build false hate for another group, and hate doesn’t make anything better.

Another thing I’ve noticed from cultural appropriation, and other ideas like it is some people shifting who they may vote for. I have a few friends that like the core values that Democrats have, like being fair to everyone. But they don’t like the small, ridiculous ideas that come from those values, such as cultural appropriation. They don’t like feeling like they don’t have the freedom to express themselves because it might “offend” somebody. Of course they don’t want to offend people, but the trivial social rules keep them from taking one party or another as  a serious option.

I know Democrats don’t want to lose voters and Republicans are tired of being politically correct, so if cultural appropriation went out the window, it would be a win win. I know you may be reading this and thinking, “oh but it’ll never change, people will never be that accepting”. But I know if we can get to the point where woman can be men and men can be women, we can get  people to be chill enough to not scream racist every time an atheist wears a bindi for fun or a white guy has dreadlocks.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go cornrow my hair and decorate my arms with henna.

Bye for now and thanks for reading-

Brainwash Rescue


5 thoughts on ““CULTURAL APPROPRIATION”: Bad News for Both Sides

  1. I think the world will be a safe place if we always take things this way. Whether male or female, white race or other races, we are all one and can do things in common. We have to try as much as possible to equate our rights! Very insightful article. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I felt like reading on and on.. So many things to learn from this article. I thought I could share this to my Facebook timeline but couldn’t find any share button. Could you please implement the share button so I can share to my Facebook wall. Thanks for the nice post.

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  3. I find it funny how people will call others racist for admiring a culture. That is proof of how stupid and judgmental people have become. If I like dreadlocks and wear them in my hair, it doesn’t mean I am racist or being racist to blacks in Jamaica… It means I admire their style and want to wear it. If anything, it is the opposite of being a racist. Ya know? And with the whole women being men and men being women… I am over it. If you want to be whatever you think it right for you then do so but don’t force other people to agree with it.

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  4. I don’t understand why people are like this. I never did. In school, I remember black kids fighting with white kids for liking rap. The black kids said it wasn’t for the whites and were pissed. But the thing is, they weren’t being racist, they were enjoying the same thing as them but because they weren’t black… RACISM! It is like children fighting over which pony is prettier. You can’t argue an opinion based on taste because opinions based on personal taste can’t be wrong.

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  5. If you are white you are not allowed to dress like or wear anything like any other race or people call you a racist. That is what it has come down to. White people are considered the worst thing in the world and even more so if they are straight and like the opposite sex. It is a sick world we live in where one group is targeted as a whole on a daily basis and nothing is done about it because if something was done, the people who wanted it to stop would be racists. See how messed up that is?

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