Racism- Much Ado About Nothing

The Webster’s definition of racism is, “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”.

Hi again, Brainwash Rescue here. Today I’m going to be writing to you about one of the the most awkward topics out there…


If you look it up, you’ll get more than 112,000,000 results on google. And there’s more in other places. Racism is one of those words that everyone thinks about, but nobody wants to. Or so you’d think. And no, I’m not going to be pointing out the idiots in hate groups, because we all know that they are just hating people for no reason. I want to talk about the people that have been brainwashed into thinking that it will help them to hate – White, Black, Mexican, Chinese, etc. It doesn’t matter, because racism is racism, whatever race you are.

That takes me to my first point. Reverse racism is a real thing. I see articles and posts on Facebook all the time about how only White people can be racist, which doesn’t even make sense. When I read the articles, they all say the same thing; you can’t be racist if you’re a minority. They say that racism requires power. But that’s not true. Nowhere in the definition of racism does it say that. That’s only being said because minorities want to whine and get special treatment.

The dictionary says BELIEVE that one’s race is superior. Not that one’s race IS superior. Not that one’s race is more powerful. It has nothing to do with actually being in power, it just comes from THINKING that a certain race is better. Any race can think that.

You might argue that even if minorities can be racist, it still isn’t going to end racism. Then let me suggest a solution, it’s a quote by Morgan Freeman.

Stop talking about it.

I know, crazy. But just stay with me for a second. Just like anything, if racism isn’t talked about as much, racist people won’t be as common. Of course there’s always going to be racism. But if people didn’t advertise it so much, it wouldn’t always be on people’s minds.

Don’t believe me?

Then think of the least racist people of all, children. Until they’re two or three, children don’t even consider that certain people are better or worse because of their skin color. It has to be taught to them. I don’t agree with many ideas Liberals present, but that’s one I’ll root for. The only reason children grow to think they shouldn’t treat another group of people equally is because they’re either told they should, or they are treated poorly by that group. Sure, kids can see the difference, but they don’t inherently think of anyone as better or worse.

Since racism only comes from basically being told to be racist and people claim to hate it so much, why are people racist?

Well, that’s because they feel they can gain something from it. It might be acceptance from others, self-assurance that whatever’s wrong with them is someone else’s fault, or an excuse to treat another person badly, helping their own self-esteem.

But even with all of that, racism isn’t the thing that hurts people. It’s bigotry that does it. A lot of different kinds of prejudice falls under bigotry, from being racist towards someone, to treating them badly because of their religion. All racists that treat people differently because of their races are bigots. But not all racists are bigots. For example, a stereotype that white people having earned is not being very disciplined with their kids (this stereotypes was not true in my house though). When I have kids, people can think all day that I’m not a good mom. As long as they aren’t treating me differently because of it, or telling me I’m a bad mom, I don’t care. Now if there’s a wWhite person, or any person that’s a bad parent, I would hope they are told so.

You might be thinking, “You’re an awful person! How could you be okay with being racist?” But if you just think something and don’t act on it, are you really a bad person? Everyone has bad thoughts that they (hopefully) don’t act on. So what makes racism any different?

Well, racist thoughts, unlike other bad thoughts people have, is always sold to people as them being bigots because of the thoughts. It’s a way to control people into treating people a certain way. Sixty years ago in America, it controlled White people into being bigots and treating Black and other races people poorly. Nowadays, it controls many minorities into being bigots to each other and White people. This takes us back to the idea of minorities not being able to be racist to White people.

Since I’ve covered this and I don’t want to beat a dead horse, I’m just going to end with the fact that racism is a cycle. The more time you spend thinking about racism, the bigger of an issue it becomes, And the bigger of an issue it is, the more time you’ll spend thinking about it. Racism is not the problem. The problem is when you spend time thinking about it and contributing to it. Of course people aren’t perfect and America isn’t ideal, but if people would spend less time being angry about race, I think people would find that they would be much happier.

Well, that’s my two cents on the topic. I may write blog posts and expand on my thoughts in the future, but for now I think this pretty much sums it up for me. Thank you for reading my blog post. Now please, close that tab with an article from that brainwashing site *cough cough* Buzzfeed *sniffle sniffle* Huffington Post and enjoy your day doing something you love.

Thank you so much for reading my post and leave a comment about on what you thought of it, as I’m pretty new to the whole blogging thing. Have a good day!

-Brainwash Rescue


Hi again, Brainwash Rescue here, bringing you another article in the hopes of saving those drowning in Political Stupidity. In my last post I wrote about the “triggered”, people who spend too much time and energy ranting about other people’s opinions. Well this time, I have a question on my mind that I have been pondering for awhile now. It concerns some topics that are avoided just as often as they are discussed: -race and a person’s sexuality, gender identity, and dress.

These topics are shunned and appreciated in the same amount. As a teenager, I can tell you race and gender identity are often pushed in my face. Whether from school, the internet, or even my own friends, I can assure you that I hear a lot about them. I’m not saying that adults don’t hear about it, it’s just that teenagers seem to hear even more about them because we’re still deciding what to think, and both sides of the aisle want us to join them.

But enough of that, it’s time to get back to the question on my mind, that I mentioned earlier…

Since men can dress like women and women can dress like men (and actually be the other gender), I started to wonder why a person of one gender can dress like a the opposite, but a person of a certain race or nationality can’t dress like someone in a different culture of the same gender without it being racist. If you think about it, I, a white female, have many more things in common with a woman from say, India, Japan or France. Sure, we probably wear different clothes, speak different languages, eat different foods, and may have different religions, but it doesn’t go too far past that. If the country’s women aren’t (actually) oppressed, then there’s not much I can do that they can’t. Women all over the world, deep down, want the same thing- a family (and this can be pets if that’s all they want) and a partner that can protect and provide for them (of course a woman can still have a career though).

So back to that question, why is it offensive when I wear an outfit like a female yukata (a traditional Japanese outfit) or have my hair in cornrows, and not when I dress like a person from the opposite gender?

If I dress like a woman from another culture or race, I’m being racist. But if I dress like a man of my same culture or race, it’s supported and even encouraged. What I get from that is it’s okay to completely switch your biology and embrace a gender you were made very different from, but putting on a outfit and potentially learning about what it’s like to be the same sex in a different culture is wrong. I’m not saying that putting on a costume teaches you anything, but putting on that outfit may be a pathway to learning about that culture. And instead of encouraging a person to explore it, they’re being shunned and told they’re a bad person if they do.


The world is changing all the time, progressing towards equality. And when I hear the words “cultural appropriation” I think, they don’t want me around them and I don’t deserve what they’ve got, I don’t feel equal. For example, a white person having cornrows in their hair is seen as racist and “mocking” black people. This has been argued and a lot of people have pointed out that Beyonce can dye her hair blonde and straighten it. Some people defend it by claiming that she’s assimilating, then the people that pointed it out start to argue with the defenders. And so not only does it not make sense for cultural appropriation to even exist, but it’s actually dangerous. Look up an argument about the Beyonce hair situation, and you’ll see just how fired up people get about something so trivial as how a person styles their hair.

Because of situations like this, and the pressure to avoid other “offensive situations”, people are feeling resentment towards other races. Now, this isn’t a new idea of course, but in a situation where nobody is actually being harmed, and people are just feeling offended by something someone is isn’t even aware of, there’s an even bigger rift being created between different races and ethnicities. The people feeling offended are mad at the people offending. And the people doing the offending feel annoyed with the offender, or feel like they aren’t wanted by that group. The anger from this can build false hate for another group, and hate doesn’t make anything better.

Another thing I’ve noticed from cultural appropriation, and other ideas like it is some people shifting who they may vote for. I have a few friends that like the core values that Democrats have, like being fair to everyone. But they don’t like the small, ridiculous ideas that come from those values, such as cultural appropriation. They don’t like feeling like they don’t have the freedom to express themselves because it might “offend” somebody. Of course they don’t want to offend people, but the trivial social rules keep them from taking one party or another as  a serious option.

I know Democrats don’t want to lose voters and Republicans are tired of being politically correct, so if cultural appropriation went out the window, it would be a win win. I know you may be reading this and thinking, “oh but it’ll never change, people will never be that accepting”. But I know if we can get to the point where woman can be men and men can be women, we can get  people to be chill enough to not scream racist every time an atheist wears a bindi for fun or a white guy has dreadlocks.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go cornrow my hair and decorate my arms with henna.

Bye for now and thanks for reading-

Brainwash Rescue


Hi there, I’m Brainwash Rescue and I’m 16 years old. Recently, I saw a video of a woman getting “triggered” over a man saying hello to her. The woman was recording the man throwing bags of trash in his truck while she was driving by. He said hello to her, which for some reason, made her start cussing at him. After she heard him say that, she got out of her car and started accusing him of sexually harassing her. She accused him of plenty of other things and said she was going to post the video to youtube.

After watching the video, I thought about all of the “triggered” people lately, and how annoying they are. If you don’t know what being triggered is, just think of every crybaby liberal and how mad and whiny they are when they don’t get their way. That’s triggered. Anyways, after the video I was thinking about not only the triggered people on social media and youtube, but also the people I knew personally. I thought about how they can criticise people as much as they want (Trump) but as soon as anyone else says anything remotely against what they believe, they rant and whine because they’re so offended.

Well, I decided to draw the picture above and post it to Facebook to show the crybabies what they look like. Political cartoons often show effigies of people to make them look bad, so I decided to do the same for the triggered, just a less extreme version. With unshaven armpits, man hating tattoos, and a BuzzFeed shirt (my least favorite youtube channel) they embody the ridiculous ideas they love so much. I gave her yellow teeth to show how much it disgusts me when they try to play the victim after causing the whole problem they have.

After I drew this picture, I decided to write this post to talk about my opinions on being triggered.

Now, before I really get into it, I want to clarify that I have nothing against gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or anyone else in the LGBTQ community itself. If people want to do stuff with the same sex or whatever, that’s up to them. It’s none of my business. In fact, I love that they’ve found who they are and they’re doing what makes them happy. I love it like Simon Cowell loves tight t-shirts. But while I’m glad they’re happy being who they are, I don’t want to hear about it. Sure, it’s fine if I’m friends with a gay man and they tell me how much they love their boyfriend. Great. I can tell them the same and that’s fine. But I don’t need the fact that someone’s gay or trans or anything else shoved in my face. I shouldn’t have to remember someone’s weird pronouns then look like a bigot if I forget because he or she (or xe or ve or any of the other millions of made up pronouns) are offended that I didn’t spend my precious time on Earth remembering their thing.

Anyways, back to triggered. While I was drawing the picture, I was looking at images of triggered liberals for references (I know, it’s about as fun as it sounds) and I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes. Sometimes while scrolling through the pictures, I would click on one and read about it or watch why the poor oppressed person was so upset. It was of course because straight white people (mostly men) hated gay, black, muslim, and other minorities and want to oppress them. After all, white people are the disease of the world and should recognise their white privilege. (I’m white, so I too should recognise it.) Most of the triggers were caused by Cultural Appropriation (done by white people), feminism (men where the bad guys here), fabricated bigotry (such as a Trump supporter pushing a muslim woman in front of a subway), and of course, Trump.

In these videos, the triggered would rant and scream and cry about how they didn’t get their way. After a few clicks, I noticed that every triggered person was just repeating the same reasons for being mad, over and over. And the reasons weren’t even very good. They screamed and ranted for the attention. Nobody actually did anything to these people, they just wanted to be angry and have people see that they were angry.

Now, I’m a teenager, I know all about wanting people to know that I’m angry. When I’m mad, I want the whole world to know. I roll my eyes, I huff and sigh, I cry and whine. But I know I can only do it so often or I would get called on it. Just like a spoiled child with bad parents, the triggered know that the more they cry, the more the media (I’m looking at you CNN) will try to sooth them and make all the other kids conform to their child or in this case, the triggered. While that’s fine and dandy in a world where everyone is nice and have no backbones, the parent needs to tell their kid to shut it or they’re gonna get called on it.

Of course just like a bad parent in real life, the media isn’t going to help anything and will probably just end up making things worse. And so the other kids either have to deal with it or find a way to make the whiny brat shut up. Either way, I’m realizing that I’m triggered myself. Triggered by the triggered. Pretty ironic.

Thanks for reading my post and have a (hopefully) triggerless day.

-Brainwash Rescue